How does it work?

Flead creates your campaign
We have to first define your campaign goals. A headache for ordinary citizens. Child’s play for Flead experts.
Flead define the target of the Ads for you
Here we determine, together with your input, WHO we are going to target with our Ads. Lawyers in Montréal between 30 and 40 years old? Young sport practitioners between 18 and 24 years old in Ontario? Together we can target who we want, where we want, when we want it. The magic of Facebook Ads in action.
We create the entire Ad for you
Our writers write the publication with your help. You give us content, and we create an attractive Ad with trackable keywords. Our graphic designers will bring to life images that communicate your message with energy. The result: Clicks by the ton.
Creating a Facebook Page
Your business does not have a Facebook Page? We will create you one for 120$. What does this include? The creation of the profile with a the creation of a customized profile image for your business and a customized banner.
Installation de Facebook Pixel

Flead créer votre campagne Flead créer votre campagne

Management of your Facebook Page
Less attractive than creating Facebook Ads, but it is as essential, Flead can maintain and manage your page every day if you want us to. We will take care of the whole lot: research, composition of the publications, creating images and graphics, client interaction, anything else? You name it, we execute!
Installation of Pixels
At Flead, we are snipers. We do not leave our results in the hands of “luck” or “coïncidences”, we track our results and therefore we will instal a Pixel onto your webpage which allows us to track results with high-efficiency. Our obsession with metrics, will be your blessing.


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